USA Freestyle Disco Championship, 1979/2003

After a heavy night of partying, Mike decides to try out for The USA Freestyle Disco Championship at the legendary Copacabana nightclub in New York City. 

Down in the Rec Room, 1979

This day in the life story is Smith’s first video in which his performance persona "Mike" appears.

Mike Builds a Shelter, 1983-85

Awakened to his civic responsibility during the Cold War, Mike extends the life of leftovers and recycles tree leaves while taking steps to protect himself against a nuclear attack.

Goverment Approved Home Fallout Shelter / Snack Bar, 1983/2023

The Government Approved Home Fallout Shelter/Snack Bar installation is based on an actual plan that was still being distributed by FEMA in 1983.

Go For it, Mike, 1984

A satirical music video tracking Mike on the campaign trail as he manifests Reagan-era gumption and presumptuousness.

Mike, 1987

Smith sources a Calvin Klein Obsession ad, swapping out Mike in place of Klein’s sensual models.

How to Curate your own Group Exhibition, 1996

A deadpan infomercial explaining what fledgling curators need to know when organizing professional exhibitions.

Outstanding Young Men of America, 1996

Mike gets nominated as an Outstanding Young Man of America and decides to have a party to celebrate.

Musco, 1997

Originally an element of the 1997 installation MUSCO: 1969-1997, this tape purports to be the 1984 promotional video for a fictitious lighting company with origins in the psychedelic light shows of the late '60s.

In collaboration with Joshua White.

Open House, 1999

After decades of loft living, Mike — a middle-aged and middling artist — is now a victim and opportunist of a rapidly gentrifying SoHo neighborhood. He decides to cash in and put his bohemian home on the market.

In collaboration with Joshua White.

Famous Quotes from Art History, 2001-03

Produced by the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Smith's short video parodies cultural programming interludes that one sees on European or American public television.

QuinQuag, 2002

Ostensibly one segment of a television magazine show called "Millennium Visions," QuinQuag is, in fact, a carefully crafted simulation. 

In collaboration with Joshua White.

Take Off Your Pants, 2005

A six-sided kiosk/kinetic sculpture with carnival lights, whirligigs, and candy colors, that brands Mike’s pants-centric worldview.

In collaboration with Joshua White.

Portal Excursion, 2006

Mike’s extremely human excursion into the realm of online continuing education is strikingly disconnected from reality.

Mikes World, 2007

Michael Smith and Joshua White welcome visitors to Mike’s World, a website based on the touring exhibition surveying Smith’s many “Mike” projects held at the Blanton Musuem of Art in Austin and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia. Link is to an external site.

In collaboration with Joshua White.

Excuse Me! I am Looking for the Fountain of Youth..., 2015

Mike investigates life after retirement and dips his big toe in the magic fountain.

Not Quite Under_Ground, 2017

Both an installation and a fully operational tattoo shop offering deep discounts to seniors aged 65 and older. Presented at Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017.

Imagine the View From Here, 2018-19

Mike contemplates moving into a fully curated timeshare inside the Jumex Museum in Mexico City.

Zoom Room, 2022

Mike hosts a meeting for his colleagues to discuss office renovations.